Nusaputera college of pharmaceutical Science or STIFERA is an academic and vocational college which has been accredited B by BAN PT. Located in Semarang, Central Java, STIFERA has two subject majors, Bachelor degree of Pharmacy and Diploma 3. Our vision is Become a “high school that implements information systems in the pharmaceutical field at a national level in 2024”. Our missions are :

–          Organizing education according to national standards to produce superior and competent graduates.

–          Develop research and apply science and technology.

–          Organizing community service activities as a form of implementation of pharmaceutical science and technology to improve public health status.

–          Realizing a good governance system and independence in the administration of higher education (good government university).

–          Increasing cooperation in the field of tri dharma and establishing cooperation with stakeholders at the national level.

As a college specializing in pharmaceutical science, STIFERA has qualified facilities and infrastructures that support the learning process, so our goals  as reflected in the vision and missions will be successfully achieved. In order to create qualified and competent graduates, STIFERA has also qualified lecturers graduated from qualified universities who have completed master’s and doctoral degree. In the era of globalization there are three big challenges faced by every  institution, such as the impact of globalization, competition, and strategy. As a strategy, STIFERA has been developing an information system to assist the pharmaceutical services in hospital, clinic, pharmacy store and public health center. It means STIFERA has also contributed to the easiness and the quickness of accessing information for  the community especially milenials.   

One indicator of a good education system is the existence of a system that is used to measure the quality of the input, process and output of the education itself. Determining factors of the excellent educational institution are the quality of graduates, including the achievements, the competence, the problem solving skills, the users’ responses, the career accelerations, and the work opportunity. A good education system has a system flow in the form of a loop where the university’s responsibility towards students does not only end at the graduation but also continue to the level that they manage to get a proper job. Therefore, as a college, STIFERA has the system, the proper curriculum, the forum for student activities, the broad scope of cooperation with various institutions for the development of hard skills, soft skills and life skills of the graduates. As a educational institution which uphold the three pillars of higher education, we also carry out several researches and community services in collaboration with domestic and foreign university, like Burapha University, Thailand, Management and Science University (MSU) and Universidade Da Paz, Timor Leste.

The emphasis on Strategic Planning for the development of Cooperation and student affairs for the 2020 – 2024 period is strengthening strategic aspects in the implementation, development and follow-up of cooperation and student affairs including increasing the number of STIFERA’s collaborations with various agencies or institutions as well as increasing the performance and achievements of student activities. The strategic plan was prepared in order to maintain the existence of the STIFERA as a private college in the health sector in Central Java, especially the City of Semarang. In the next five years, STIFERA will improve and carry out various strengthening efforts to position itself as the college of choice for people in Central Java and can play a role in the development of science through the implementation of the three pillars of higher education. This strategic plan is prepared based on an analysis of strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and challenges (SWOT analysis) and pays close attention to the new paradigm in laws and regulations and current trends in higher education. Student organizations are a forum for the formation of student character. In organizations, students can learn how to work with others, communicate, negotiate, persuade and so on. So, reach the better future with STIFERA.

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